Video camera inspection

Video cameras are an essential part of our lives. They allow us to record important events such as weddings, parties, graduations or even something as simple yet important as a birthday. Furthermore, video cameras are now part not only of our home lives but our work lives as well since they let us record events and watch over areas or people.

Some people use their video cameras to record important events on their lives, some others use them to prepare scenes and share them with friends; finally, another group uses video cameras for surveillance purposes. No matter what you use your video camera for, you should have it regularly inspected by a professional.

When first came out, video cameras were really large and expensive. Only professionals were able to operate them. Video cameras were initially developed for the television industry and professional purposes, but now they are quite common in other applications. To put it simple, a video camera is a camera device that captures moving images, often, accompanying sound and converts them into electronic signals.

Eventually, as the electronics industry advanced, video cameras became smaller and inexpensive for most people. Nowadays, video cameras are widely used for home and business surveillance and for recording important events. Since video cameras have become so important to our lives, it is necessary to keep them properly working.

The best way to keep your video camera working as intended is by having it inspected regularly. A well performed inspection will prevent major problems and save you money in the long run. To have your video camera inspected by professional, you should contact American Loss Consultant. At American Loss Consultant, we will provide you with the best inspection professional in your area to have your video cameras fully functioning.

Reasons to install a video camera system

The main reason most people install cameras at home is to have a new level of security. Having a video camera system installed by a professional team contacted by American Loss Consultant will make you feel safe against the intrusion of criminals who intend to rob you or seize any object from your house. Video cameras as a security system are a great help if you are concerned about high crime rates. Security cameras not only serve to surprise criminals on the spot, but they also act as a deterrent to a criminal event. No intruder would risk entering a property and leaving evidence of their presence on video cameras.

The recordings made by security cameras can be used as evidence for a trial, judges will be able to see the images captured by the video surveillance system and establish that the person on trial actually committed the crime. Security camera systems are also a great help to police and other law enforcement officers. If a robbery does occur, the use of security cameras can provide valuable evidence to identify the thief and even to recover his belongings. This applies to both home and business burglaries.

But the most important thing is that by keeping the house, business or company always under surveillance, you will always know what is going on. You can keep track of everything that happens with just a few clicks on the computer, mobile device or tablet and make sure everything is working fine and that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

If these reasons are not enough, security cameras can also help you see who is at the door of the house before you open it. This is a very important precaution, whether you live in a rural area or in the city. It is always good to know who is at your door before you open it, and if you suspect someone is intruding on your property, security cameras will help you get rid of this concern.

Furthermore, some reasons for using security cameras in the house may be:

To protect your home and family from fires

A security camera system can serve as an early warning in the event of a fire and help to know its origin and cause.

To protect less visited areas from trespassers and burglars

Home security systems allow homeowners to secure less frequented areas of homes such as basements and parking. If you need to protect large areas a video camera system is the best option for you.

To supervise children

If work, office hours, morning traffic jams and meetings cause you to spend a lot of time away from home while leaving your children with the babysitter. Security cameras can help parents keep an eye on babysitters. Surveillance cameras can add a little peace of mind and help make sure your children are treated appropriately when you are not around. But the benefits are not limited to just babysitters, you will be able to supervise, in many cases remotely, the employees you leave in charge of the home.

Types of video cameras

Modern video cameras have numerous designs and uses which have moved them away in a certain direction from their original use and placed this electronic device in commercial success in every way. A learned team contacted by American Loss Consultant will be able to inspect all your video camera system regardless if they are:

Professional video cameras

Video professional cameras are used on television and in the making of films. They can be a fixed study or mobile. This type of cameras usually requires manual control by the operator.


They combine a camera and a VCR and another recording device in a single unit. These devices are mobile and are widely used for television production or semi-professional equipment.

Closed circuit television cameras

Generally used for security, surveillance or monitoring. These cameras are designed to be  small, easy to hide and able to function without direct management. Webcams can be included in this group.

Digital cameras

These cameras are usually small in size and are often used for various uses. Sometimes they are incorporated directly into a computer or communications hardware, such as mobile phones, PDAs and some laptop models.

Special system cameras

Used for scientific research. Some examples are the installation of these devices in satellites or space probes, robotics, etc. Sometimes these cameras are prepared to operate at night and without light using infrared devices.


Video cameras provide an important service to their users, and although they are quite resistant devices, they require periodic and specialized inspection, which must be provided by professional technicians contacted by American Loss Consultant.

The inspection of these devices starts by its cleaning, for which the layer of dust that is usually formed in on the structure and lens of the camera is removed. If not removed properly, an unclean environment may generate a decrease in the sharpness of the image.

On the other hand, an inspection of electronic parts and components of the camera must be carried out, in order to verify that they work properly, especially with regard to the capture and transmission of images. The inspection technician must also check if the video camera is correctly fixed to its location. The video camera should be able to rotate and make its movements without any problem.

Finally, the inspection of the video camera will include a comprehensive review of their compatibility and correct synchronization with the software for processing and monitoring the images generated. To keep your video cameras working as expected, regular inspection is needed. External, internal, fixed and movable parts require professional periodic maintenance.

You should not let amateurs take care of your needs. American Loss Consultant, experts in video camera inspection, has a network of services and teams of highly trained professionals ready to solve any problem related to your video cameras. Trust American Loss Consultant to reach experienced personnel to inspect your video cameras.

To have your video cameras inspected, contact American Loss Consultant today.

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