Vinyl flooring

Flooring is an important part of your home. They cover every inch inside the house and to find that beautiful one is a major duty for every homeowner. In American Loss Consultant we know the importance of flooring for you and we have devoted huge efforts to gather specialists in the field of flooring. And for customers who want floor renovation, vinyl flooring can be a suitable, comfy option.

Vinyl flooring is made of plastic but it can have the appearance of the elegant wood. It is resistant to impacts and really affordable to any pocket. It comes in different presentations, shapes and infinite design possibilities. They are suitable for being perfect installed in every room in the home, including moistured areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. With a proper advice of specialists, the selection as well as the installation of vinyl flooring should not be a puzzling task but the solution for your home renovation flooring.

Types of vinyl flooring

Besides the expediency at the time of cleaning and the affordability of vinyl flooring, we also can mention the varied options it can offer to every customer in types and designs. There are three vinyl flooring types: sheet vinyl, linoleum and luxury.

Sheet vinyl

This type is the standard plastic (PVC) one. It comes in large rolls that can be cut in order to fit your floor area. In terms of costs, it is the most affordable. Experts recommend this type of floor for rooms that have water presence like bathroom and basement. It is made of one solid sheet so there is less opportunity water seeps below it and get into subfloor.


Although linoleum is considered vinyl flooring, it is slightly different from sheet vinyl because it is not made of plastic. Linoleum is made of linseed oil which is an organic material derived from flax seeds and mixed with other natural materials. Like vinyl, it comes in sheets but linoleum also is available in tiles and planks.  Unlike vinyl, this type of material is not waterproof and excessive liquid curl the corners so you better prefer this flooring in rooms like your living room or bedrooms.

Luxury vinyl

This vinyl flooring is the paramount in style and look. It offers the more realistic textures that can bring to your home closest wood or stone flooring appearance. It comes in planks or tiles, offering varied styling. Some luxury vinyl tile can be groutable, bringing a natural finishing to your flooring. But style has its costs: this type of vinyl flooring can be really expensive.

Vinyl flooring has evolved and every family can find one for its pocket and style. Wise advice of experts can conduct you in the perfect selection of vinyl flooring. Then do not hesitate and call people from American Lost Consultant who can provide you the best selection of expert vinyl flooring providers.

Installing vinyl flooring does not need a headache for you. Let’s take a look at it.

Vinyl flooring installation

Despite flooring installation implies major works and mess at home; with proper experts the task should be more bearable as well as successful. As general suggestions, before any installation of vinyl flooring, experts recommend and say that the secret of perfectly installed vinyl flooring is to set a neat subfloor. Vinyl tiles require smooth surfaces to avoid bumps look on the floor. Experts also recommend laying new vinyl flooring over existing ones because final work would not look neat or the material would be detached.

Steps in vinyl flooring installation

Sketch the room. After you and your floor expert have selected the most suitable vinyl flooring for your home, a sketch of the room where vinyl will be installed must be made. Measure the area carefully to get the right amount of material is indispensable. If you plan to make geometric designs, then this stage is delicate because the planning must be accurate to get the perfect final result.

Prepare subfloor. As we mentioned before, to have a smooth subfloor is indispensable to get a right vinyl flooring result. Holes or low-lying areas might be filled with a patching compound or any other material experts consider adequate.

Cut vinyl flooring. Technicians set the vinyl flooring in the room, mark and cut it. Excess may be saved for later to be installed in closets or small bathrooms.

Lay vinyl flooring. At this time, the flooring is fitted in its right place and excess are cut. The craft paper is roll out, double stick paper is applied, vinyl is rolled back and adhesive material is spread.

Attach flooring to the adhesive. The vinyl is set back into position using a hand roller or any other tool experts considered perfect for this step. This step is delicate and only real experts can make vinyl flooring attached firmly to the subfloor, without bubbles or rugosity. Usually vinyl is perfectly sealed after two or four hours.

Finishing. To end the process, shoe molding and trim are replaced, the furniture is moved back and vinyl flooring is cleaned.

Remember to trust only on experts to install your vinyl flooring. Prevent ulterior damages occasionated by inexpert hands.

Positive and negative aspects of vinyl flooring

At first sight, in renovating floors vinyl is seen as a very good option due to its durability, noise reduction property and affordability. On the other hand, at the moment of cleaning and maintenance it is really easy to be cleaned and maintain. For décor addicts, it offers a multiple gamut of colors, patters and styles.

But you have to take into account the not so good aspects of this type of floor. Vinyl floor is not suitable for being installed in heavy loads areas because it can be damaged by sharp objects. Exterior areas are not ideally covered by vinyl because if vinyl can be fade and damaged by direct sunlight exposure or extreme temperatures.

Once again, always follow the timely advice of experts to invest your money wisely during a renovation project.

Vinyl flooring care

Different from other types of floors like tiles or carpets, vinyl flooring maintenance and cleaning is not a big deal. American Loss Consultant has for you some suggestions to care about your new vinyl flooring.

Prevent dirt get into your home

Doormats are always useful to “retain” dirt and greasy out of your house. For vinyl flooring care, doormats are also advisable. Set one at the front door and the possibilities of dirt, chemicals and debris will be reduced so your time to clean.

Use simple wise cleaning techniques

Vinyl flooring is easy to be cleaned. It is not necessary to devote hours in cleaning to have a neat vinyl floor. Practice these habits and you will always have a clean floor.

Broom every day. Try to broom the floor every day. You will remove dust and harmful grist that scrape your flooring.

Use mild cleaning products. Rather than using abrasive chemical compounds, prefer mild cleaning products. Believe it or not, products like hair shampoo are good for cleaning vinyl. Damp a mop or sponge with soap and water and rub the floor to loosen the dirt. Then rinse it with clean cool water. Never let soap on the floor because soap remaining catches dirt.

Never blast away dirt. Do not make “extra emphasis” when rubbing dirt. Delicate movements are enough to remove dirt. And never use metal brushes on it.

Control water during cleaning. Use water for cleaning moderately. Water might get deep inside cracks, seams, or edges and in time this will unglue your vinyl flooring.

Avoid wax to “shine” floors. Some vinyl has polyurethane coating that makes it shine. People tend to use wax to “keep them shinning” but this is a huge mistake because wax sticks on vinyl coating and leaves a disgusting mess on it. If your vinyl flooring has lost its shine, prefer a polish or sealant made of no-wax components. Apply with perfectly cleaned floors.

Be careful about what you place on it

Vinyl flooring is susceptible to damages then take extra care about what you move over it.

Cover furniture and appliances foot. Items like tables or refrigerators can dent vinyl flooring. Get some furniture floor protectors to avoid those dents on floor.

Forget about rolling casters. Constant rolling over the floor can damage it. Prefer chairs with felt tips to protect your vinyl.

Care when moving objects. We tend to drag heavy objects along the floor when moving them from one place to another. If it is not possible to lift them, place a piece of plywood along the way you are planning to move heavy items.

And remember, if you are planning changes at home do not risk yourself and call American Loss Consultant. We always have the best advice at the time of remodeling. The people you can contact via us have approved a delicate screening process that offers a good prospect for remodeling.

Contact American Loss Consultant and get a free estimate. American Loss consultant, A decision you will never regret.