Walk in tubs

Everyone enjoys getting into a tub for a relaxing warm bath with sparkling soap bubbles. But people with some particular needs, like mobility problems, do not just get into the bathtub; they require special additions in tubs to have a real relaxing experience. Bath seats or grab bars are accessories that can be installed in traditional tubs but they do not provide enough security during bath time. Then a walk in tub is the emergent item. A walk in tub is a bathtub designed to provide individuals with a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience.

Walk in bathtubs or walk in tubs includes accessories that bring safety at the moment of the bath: a chair-height seat, a grab or handle bar to maneuver around your tub, and a non-skid floor to keep individuals from slipping and falling. They are not just a bathtub; they are a special tool for people with special necessities. At the time you get conscious about walk in tub installation, rely that task only on qualified personnel; ask American Loss Consultant. We have a complete list of expert and certified contractors in walk-in bathtubs work.

Reasons to install walk in tubs

There are multiple options for bathtubs or tubs are home; but if there is a person with special needs in the family, a bathtub installation must be a mandatory decision. Safety is important at the moment of bath and this aspect is greater when the person has mobility problems or a certain degree of handicap. So, it is time to think about who requires the use of walk in tubs?

Mobility problem individuals

To enter or to leave a bathtub requires rising your foot over 20” which is really difficult or impossible for people with mobility problems. Walk in tubs installation solve this problem. With a walk in tub, the person only will deal with a threshold of between three or five inches high.

Elderly people

As time goes by, people need to install special issues at home to support particular needs. Access ramps for the front door, large-button phones, a medical alert system, and do not forget walk in tubs for bathing time. Experts consider bathrooms dangerous for older adults but walk in tubs installation can be a solution for many risks. Walk in tubs avoid the risk of slipping and falling; they allow senior independence to live safely, and comfortably. Finally, a tub provides health benefits like reducing joint pains.

Obese people

During shower time, being standing for some time is really hard and sometimes impossible. A fixed shower head is not so useful for clean habits. The built-in chair of the walk in tub allows the obese person to sit comfortably. The textured sturdy handrails provide stability to enter and leave the tub. Also, the shower head of walk-in tub is lightweight, flexible and mobile, making easier bathing. A suggestion: check out the type of walk-in tube with your contractor because not all are suitable for overweight individuals.


If someone at home is assisted by a caregiver, then a walk-in bathtub installation will make easier bathing time for both, caregiver and bathers. Just to mention two positive points: the built-in chair permits a secure, safe seating; and the handheld shower head facilitates caregiver job.

Types of walk in bathtubs

As we have been talking, the selection of the walk-in tub will be determined by your needs. From the different types of them, you can find:


This is the basic type of walk-in tub. As a positive aspect, they have hand rails, built-in seat and slip-resistant textured floors. Other good aspects are their deep and the fast drain system that permit you leave the tub quickly.


This is the most similar to a spa walk-in tub. It has a system that ejects small bubbles that flood the bather. This model is great for hydrotherapy, favoring people with joint or muscle pains. People that experience arthritis problems prefer this type of tub.

Aerotherapy and Hydrotherapy

They expel warm and humid air created by the bubbling tub. This tub are deep enough to have a fully body immersion that provides the opportunity to have hydrotherapy at home. Regular use brings benefits for the respiratory system, joint pains or arthritis.


Most walk-in tubes are deeper than common tubs but not enough wider for heavy people. Those people heavier than 300 pounds must find a bariatric tub. They have a wide door opening and larger built-in seat. It offers the same safety accessories of others walk-in tubes (grab bars, low step, and textured floor) but it is robust, supporting more than 600 pounds and a width of more than 30 inches.

Wheelchair accessible

This is a unique walk-in tube that has the chance for people in wheelchair, to enter in it. The doors are large enough; the seat is easy to slide from wheelchair to bath chair. They have a door swinging outward, whirlpool jets and other comfortable features.

Combination walk-in bathtub

This model has the best of a shower and a bath. Showers are hand-held and can be placed into a stationary holder as desired. Other models have permanent showers head that cannot be moved.

Anyway, there are plenty of options, suitable for particular preferences or needs. American Loss Consultant will be there in order to assist you in hiring top rated professionals in the field of walk-in tub installation. The next stuff will be the budget: how much does it cost to install a walk-in tub?

Cost to install walk in tub

Walk in tubs installation cost

The cost to install walk-in tubs must be calculated using the price of the tub and the installation. American Loss Consultant can give you some lights about pricing. They vary mainly due to quality, model and place where you get it. Take a short look at the following information.

Purchases at showrooms and local distributors

The main benefit of getting the walk-in bathtub in a showroom is the possibility of examining the tubs personally and the option that local distributors offer of having installation services. The not so good? The prices are slightly higher, around 20% to 30% more expensive than other places.

Average cost of walk-in tub: between $4,000 to $8,000

Installation: $1,500 to $3,000

Online retailers

You can find very often really low prices when shopping on line, but be careful with those bargains. Always prefer reputable brands, ask for referrals and read carefully walk-in bathtub reviews. Some major manufacturers offer installation and service technicians. But in most situations you will have to hire your plumbing experts.

Average cost of walk-in tub: between $1,500 to $7,500

Installation: $1,500 to $3,000

In-home sales consultation

If you choose in-home consultation you can have the chance to find the perfect walk-in tub; experts will inspect the area, measure your bathroom, talk to you about your expectations and get to an agreement about your ideal tub. This method is ideal because you will have all-in-one solution. But in-home sales consultants will push you to buy their products and maybe more accessories than the ones you expect to get. If money is not a big concern, this is perfect for you.

Average purchase and installation: $5,000 to $20,000

Once you have seen all the options in walk-in tubs, you can contact a restoration company. If you want a certified serious service and you do not have a trustable one, then call American Loss Consultant. We will offer you a comprehensive set of firms skilled in walk-in bathroom installation. Call us 24/7.