As a homeowner you want to enjoy a beautiful glamorous home and this desire makes you look for options that embellish your home. One of those alternatives is wall texturing. The textures provide to the walls charm, warmth and character so any money invested on it is absolutely worthy.

If wall texturing is the option you are looking for to enhance your environments, American Loss Consultant counts with a comprehensive set of experts that can bring all the beauty and versatility texturing offers. And if you want to know more about wall texturing, this is a good moment to read what we can advise you.

Why wall texturing

You might probably have been painting your home for years and you have already decided to have some changes on your walls. Wall texturing is a technique that many American homes own because the positive aspects it shares, not only related to aesthetic, but also dealing with practicality. Then why so many people in the States prefer wall texturing?

Give character to the rooms

The style of wall texture you use can determine the characters that will be printed on the areas texturized walls are. Since there are different kinds of textures, you can play with them and bet for one suitable to create an ideal atmosphere. Our experts suggest for instance, that applying a heavy texture using a trowel will create a dramatic look in your dining room. From the different textures that there are available, orange peel, knock down or a customized one, plus the expert help, you can select the best for your purpose and enjoy the new look of your walls.

Enchant the walls

The popularity of textured walls is so wide that some might think that something is missing at home. The particular architectural look that textures marks can be unique and unrepeatable under the right guidance of experts in this field. Many consider wall texturing as a real enchant for the walls and also they say that no home finishing is complete without the use of textures. Create unforgettable walls texturing them.

Cover imperfections

In a very stylish sophisticated and elegant way, all the imperfections on the walls can be perfectly covered using wall textured. As you probably know, the majority of walls in this country is made or covered using drywall. Drywall is a material that comes in sheets, screwed into the studs to frame up the house. This procedure leaves unaesthetic seams between the sheets that have to be closed up before finishing the walls. Those marks are easily covered using wall textures.


Types of wall texture

When selecting deco elements, owners usually tend to prefer unique details at home, something that makes their homes unique and unforgettable. And even though texturing can be usual at many sets, home owners will always want that distinctive touch. Fortunately, there are several types of wall texture that combined with other deco details will make your home one of a kind.

Orange Peel

This is one of the most common types of textured finishes over drywall or other types of materials. Its name comes from the appearance of small droplets similar to a peel of orange. The procedure for its application is pretty simple: it is sprayed on just using an air compressor and a special nozzle, being this the main reason of contractors for considering the ideal wall texture. After the application, it dries easily and no extra procedures are required. The final touch of prime and paint is enough to have gorgeous walls.

Mud swirl

Named by its look like partial circles in a pattern stacked in rows, a kind of spinning or whirl, this type of texture is usually used to deco ceilings and walls. It is a classy in American homes, covering any kind of imperfections. For the performance of this texture, extremely professional and skillful experts are required: a thin coat of drywall mud must be applied, after with a stiff bristle the brush is drag over the wet mud in circular shape so the highly detailed design, consistent geometrically, is obtained. As you may see, expertise is demanded. But the final touch is worthy.

Knock down finish

To get the look of the knock down texture a technique similar to the orange peel finish is done but after the droplets are formed and a little dried, a drywall knife is moved across the tops of the droplets knocking them down, that is why this style has its name. As other wall texture, handy man needs special tools and abilities to get the perfect look.

Stipple brush finishes

After every textured wall you see, there are hour of laborious work. In case of stipple brush, hours of the precise movement of brushes lead you to have the final touch; that is the reason of the name of the technique: brushes that can be long, short, skinny, wide or round which permit to have a widely varied texture. For the application, experts will move the brush with stiff, moderate or soft bristles. This is the most personalized type of texture, because with the expert hand and your guidance, a unique texture can be obtained

Skip trowel finish

One of the peculiarities of wall texture is the possibility of turning each design as the client desires. Skip trowel finish is not the exception. The tradesman can apply more than one technique and you will see how your wall surface gets the glam of texture. The material, a thin coat of layer is applied to the wall or ceiling; after the application, a trowel is dragged in an arching pattern across the finish resulting a mud rolling off one edge. At the end, the obtained look is the raised surface. This design is especially hard to be maintained and care: you must not place furniture against the walls because the ridges of the pattern are damaged.

Venetian finish

If you wonder how old textured walls are…well it is pretty old…and this style is particularly from European middle age. This style of texture can be seen on cathedrals, palaces and villas, demonstrating that this tendency is a classic. Of course, the material used in those times was not the same as today, but the essence still alive. This texture is pretty highly cost. So if you do not save in what you want for your home, go ahead and ask to your constructor about this style to have a kind of palace style.

To choose one style of texture is not so easy…there are so many options and all of them are really special. A good communication with the expert can lead you to obtain your dreamed design and a perfect home.

How much to invest on wall texture

We have been talking about the special, glam and elegant look the textures bring to your home. And when you have a renovation project with experts that move things right, any money invested is never too much if you are satisfied. Wall texture is not cheap; it is too laborious to be…but we can tell you that it is affordable with organization and planning. Here we present you some information about pricing so you can have some notions about how much you might need to spend.

First, we have to advice you that as in other renovations projects, not expected issues that might increase the pricing can show up in the inspection or during the project execution. But in ideal conditions, where the walls are perfect and no extra repair is required, the cost will be between $460 to $558, between $0.90 to $1.12 per square foot.

Remember, if you are willing to renovate the walls but you have no idea who you can call, contact us at American Loss Consultant, the advisor company that can find the perfect people for a perfect work. Ask to the experts. Call us for a free estimate and enjoy being assisted by the people who know how.

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