The particular beauty, romanticism and elegance that provide to your home the wallpaper is unique. But if you think that it is enough of it and you want a change removing them, you definitely will need expert help.

To remove the wallpaper is not an easy task. No matter how much ideas you found on the web or videos you watch about wallpaper removal, there are no easy ways to get rid of it. That is the reason why we talked about the expert help. At American Loss Consultant we count with the most comprehensive group of professionals that can help you in this new project.

Then we are going to provide you some tips and aspects to consider about all the world of wallpaper removal.

Why wallpaper removal is so hard

First, if you ever though all wallpaper are the same, you are wrong! There are enormous varieties of wallpapers with particular characteristics like material, texture and even adhesive properties. And depending on those characteristics, the techniques to remove it are different.

The time wallpaper has been installed also influences on the difficulties to remove it. The more it has been on the walls, the most difficult to remove it. Adhesive material stick tight on the surface and removal can be a headache.

In the wallpaper removal task, many chemical products are used and different procedures must be followed: liquids like solvents are used to damp the material. A non-experience person might use the wrong amount of solvent and damage the walls. With the use of solvents, scrapping and peeling is done; and those delicate processes can damage your wall, requiring extra repairing not considered before.

As well as particular solvents are used and technical procedures must be followed, special tools are required. There is no a kind of “manual of tools for wallpaper removal”. The expertise on the task indicates what tool is needed. Experts know exactly the how to. And they count with the tools.

And finally, after wallpaper removal, you have to handle the waste. And it is really a lot! The professionals will collect all the removed material and disposed it properly in proper areas.

So if by any chance you had the idea of removing your wallpaper by yourself, forget about it. The time it will consume is enormous. The effort and money you need to invest to do it on your own is bigger than what you will pay for professional services. You might think it is expensive, but the neat results you will get are worthy.

Reasons to remove wallpaper before painting

Despite how lovely wallpaper look is and beside the benefits it provides as covering wall imperfections, providing unique textures and providing a particular style that any paint will give, there are also pondering reasons that moves homeowners to remove wallpapers at home.

The durability of wallpapers might be a difficulty for some people. But not due to the paper itself but for a matter of style: by time, the designs or the patterns of wallpaper can look old fashion. If you like to renovate the furniture and decoration of your home, then you probably might have to change the wallpaper or remove it.

As an advice, it would be preferable, if you like to change your home style often, not to use wallpaper at home but paint. Paint is cheaper and easier to apply and faster to change, faster than change the wallpaper at least!

Here we can list some reasons to remove the wallpaper before painting

Rows show off

The right application of wallpaper requires rows and at the moment you paint over it, the seams where the rows are can be seen inevitably through the paint. On the other side, many types of wallpaper are textured; no matter how many layers of paint are applied, those textures or patters will be easy noticeable. If you want a smooth texture on your walls, definitely you must remove wallpaper.

Bubbles on the wall

Paper is moistening with the contact of any liquid. Being paint a liquid, when it is applied over wallpaper, it will moist. Besides, the adhesive of it can be loosen due to moisture. This can originate that some sections of the wallpaper bubble or detach from the wall.

Then, the detachment of the wallpaper will ruin the walls and will demand the investment of extra money and time to repair the mess. Other good reason for wallpaper removal.

The risk of a lost work

The signs of age of wallpaper are a warning for removing it. If you have noticed that the paper is loose, has holes or is ripped, then they are clear advices that the paper is starting to fail. If you paint over it, then you will lose the money and effort you spent.

Better quality finish when painting

The effort in having nice and pretty walls must involve wallpaper removal. After removing wallpaper and fixing any wall irregularity, the walls will be smooth and perfect. The removal of wallpaper before painting provides better quality work as well as long-lasting results.

Difficulties in wallpaper removal with paint over it

It sounds contradictory after we have pointed out that paint moistens paper, but wallpaper that has been painted is pretty hard to be removed. If by any chance there are walls covered with wallpaper and they were painted, at the moment of removing the paper, some parts of drywall or plaster can also be removed. To avoid any future problems, the removal of the paper before painting is preferable.

The investment in wallpaper removal

Once you have decided it is time to remove the paper off of your walls, you have to select the appropriated personnel for the task. We can give you a hand to find the perfect team at American Loss Consultant. And as professional advisors, we also can provide you give useful information about the costs for wallpaper removal so you can have a general idea about the budget you need.

In general terms, experts consider that you will need between $393 and $1,081 for wallpaper removal. They say that the cost per square foot can be calculated in $3 plus $100 in materials.

The final pricing for the duty will vary depending on different aspects to take into considerations like the following:

Number of layers of wallpaper

At the moment the contractor arrive to your property and diagnoses you have more than one layer of paper over the wall, he will inform you the extra cost and derived difficulties for removing them. The paper might be removed all in a chance…but this is a risky procedure that might damage your walls. So a step by step, layer by layer procedure, that takes longer and it is consequently more expensive, will be done.

The time the wallpaper has been installed

It is not a mandatory rule, but in many cases, paper that has been installed for long can be strongly glued. Consequently, the time and effort invested for the procedure will be costly and this will affect for sure your final budget.

The type of wallpaper

The type of wallpaper can also increase the overall pricing. The dry strippable paper removal is really simple and quick; in fact, if one corner of the paper can be peeled, then it is almost sure the rest of the cover can be strip. In case of woodchip wallpaper, the removal takes a more delicate procedure. And if it is necessary the application of any product to fulfill the task, experts will know what type of removal product will be necessary to finish the job effectively and quickly.

The accessibility

The general arrangement of your property is other factor that determines the final pricing of wallpaper removal. Really high walls demands extra work and special equipments like scaffolds, which assembling takes extra time and effort. The intricate deco ornaments or the existence of stairwells demands a more detailed work that also must be considered in pricing.

Types of walls

The type of wall influences on the cost of removal because the time required and the effort made are quite different. The easiest way to remove drywall is the use of water. But if you have drywall, that would not be the correct procedure because that kind of wall is very susceptible to water damage. It is necessary wet the paper very carefully to prevent any water damage and consequently the time required to remove it is longer, generating higher costs for the time invested. Plaster walls can tolerate water so wallpaper is removed faster. But since this type of walls is old, you might have hidden surprises below the wallpaper and repairs might be needed.

General pricing estimation for wallpaper removal is as follows:

A simple removal of wallpaper just by stripping it: $130 to $1,540

Soaking and scraping wallpaper off, by making small holes in the paper, spraying water in them and then peeling wallpaper: $30

Steaming off the paper, perforating the paper and then using an electric steamer that make easier to peel of the material: $50.

As a final advice, remember to hire only highly certified professionals for delicate works such as wallpaper removal. Contact American Loss Consultant and we will present you a very comprehensive list of experts in this field.

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