There are plenty of reasons that can cause water damages at home. Storms, hurricanes or just water leaks cause water invades your home and consequently, start damages in it. Water is a very destructive element that in short time destroys floors, walls, roof and furniture. It damages all at its trace and left behind other damages like mildew and mold growing. The occurrence of water damage can be easily manages when you have specialists that guide you in every step of problem solving. And those specialists are American Loss Consultants. In front of water damage situation we will be there to assist you since day one and we will conduct you through the easiest way out of your problem. We will find for you all the important information and solutions so you can go back your home comfort briefly and without stress. We are an always ready company to help in any step of water damage.

What ALC can do for you?

When you notice you have water damage at home, you really become sick. You are never prepared to face that really uncomfortable situation and maybe you have no idea where to start. You see running water along corridors and you are not able to stop it; or maybe you just notice your carpet is damped. All those problematic situations require a soon solution. If you have no or little experience in that, you will probably not take the best decision. A correct professional assistance that advice you in everything related to water damage solution is preferable at any cost. There are trained people who help you in those subjects and we are that people, American Loss Company (ALC).

We are conscious about all services that you will require for water damage solving. We can help you to find a good provider for water leaks, roof damage, water extraction, dehumidification and all restorations required after damages. We also are capable to assist you during any claim derived from water damage. We know the procedures and our extended experience is absolutely comprehensive so you can find in one company all your requirements necessary to restore everything at home in a safely and neat manner.

What are the reasons you may have water damage?

From all the elements of nature, water is considered one of the most important. It is indispensable for life and contradictory, it is a very damaging element also. It rots wood, corrodes metal, contributes to mold growing, de-laminates materials and more. Prevention is determinant to avoid water damage at home. Sometime you do not realized you have water problems until is too late and damages are already started. We can advise you about some aspects you must consider at home in relation to water damages that may come up. Be careful about:

Bursting pipes

Pipes at home can burst at any time. The main reason of this is the natural aging of them; age, corrosion, water pressure or lack of maintenance can ruin your pipes. No matter the material of your pipes they can be exposed to being damaged; plastic one are easily cracked due to heat and long period of use; metal ones (galvanized iron, for instance) can be rusty and that corrosion causes a pipe burst. Other factors like irregular flow of water and high pressure of water might also burst pipes at home. Proper maintenance and replacement of damaged pipes are always an option to avoid future water damage. Consult with ALC to find specialized people to manage this issue.

Laundry Room flooded

Water machines can also cause water damage. Be careful about them because they have so many items that must be working properly. A broken hose can flood the laundry room easily; they conduct more than 600 gallons of water in an hour which really invades the laundry room immediately. Drainage is also important to be checked because if it is obstructed, water will mess all around. We recommend you not to overload the machine to prevent ulterior water accidents.


Some items in the kitchen when not working properly may produce water damage: a clogged drainage may start leaks, a broken pipe under the sink may also leak; appliances that are connected to water pipes like refrigerators, dishwashers or garbage disposals. All of them demand regular maintenance in order to prevent future damages as from water. If there is any failure, call us immediately to find a technician that manages the problem.


This area of your home has a constant flow of water; but if everything is in good condition, you will never have any problem with water damage. Check water supply lines because they are easy to break down; check regularly toilet bowls, bathtub and sinks because despite of the apparent Strength of the material, they might crack. Pay attention to any water stream.

Pipes obstruction

An obstruction in pipes is very common to happen and damages after it can be extremely problematic because pipes are along your house. Obstructions can happen easily because hair, soap, rest of food, grease and any other material can clogged them. Obstructions provoke overflow or bursting pipes. Both are the origin of leaks or huge pipe breaks that flood your home and cause water damage.

Broken HVAC units

These units contain certain amount of water inside them and if they do not work properly, they can drip and start water damage. When filters are not cleaned regularly or any part of the system is not working properly, moisture buildups or pipes drip; any of the two problems can be prevented with a regular maintenance. The occurrence of those event produces water damages, spread mildew and other contaminant elements, like mold, which are dangerous for your health.

Roof leaks

By time your roof can be damage, external elements like wind, sun and rain spoil roof and leaks appear one day. Leaks bring to your home water damage to ceiling, floor, carpets, walls, furniture and appliances. To fix roof leaks requires professional help. ALC can find the perfect experts for you to fit your roof.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters also bring water damages. Rain, hurricanes or floods damage your property in small extension or bigger depending on the magnitude of the event. Roof can be damaged; flood can sweep the interior of your home and more. All necessary actions such as water extraction, debris removal, dehumidification and restoration can be easily done thanks to ALC professional assistance. We have a complete group of partners that solve any kind of damage in your home after natural disasters.

Our Assistance to deal with water damage

American Loss Company knows how to deals with water damage. We have a big portfolio of professionals that cover all the areas of water damage: plumbing, roof restoration, water extraction, dehumidification, insurance claims and more. Our complete partners’ team offers you the best assistance. Hiring our services you will have all the help you required during and after water damage. Since our first contact, we will be in touch with you and all your requirements. Once you call us, your problem is our main concern.

As soon as you contact us and tell us about your emergency, we will contact a restoration service company and plumbers to attend your call. They will inspect your property and make a comprehensive diagnostic of the damages. Trust on them because our partners are only highly qualified and trustable people. We will be always in constant communication with you and monitoring all the services you get.

When installing equipments to commence, all safety measures will be followed. Our team has the most complete equipments for water extraction and dehumidification. Both procedures are essential after water damage and it must be performed as efficient as possible especially if any restoration is required after it. During this process all the area that was wet, furniture, carpets, etc, are carefully dried. Treatments to mold growing prevention are also made. Once water extraction is finished and all the affected area has been dried, we make sure that team sanitizes the environment.

After that procedure, everything that was damaged must be removed: wood, carpets, tiles or any other stuff that is rotten must be discarded. After this action, mold searching must be follow because it grows in humid and wet areas; our personnel will check if mold growing is detected and if it is, containment procedures will be conducted to avoid mold spread to other areas. Mold remediation, a process to control mold growing, will be carefully applied.

Odor removal, coming from humidity, is other of the services our partners fulfill. Humidity left an unpleasant smell and that is perfectly attacked by our professionals. They install equipments to de-humidificate areas that were exposed to water and make a check-up regularly until humidity and unpleasant smells are removed. Finally, cleaning experts make a deep work. Meanwhile this procedure is conducted; any plumbing damage can be fixed by our team. Remember that any detail is neglected.

All this damages require lot of money to be performed. If you have an insurance company, we also give you professional assistance. We work with a firm of public adjusters that will conduct your claim at the insurance company. Succeed of your claim will be sure thanks to the companionship of our public adjusters.

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