Winds can damage your property in many ways and you will always need somebody to help you overcome damages. There is a company that is 100% capable of manage all the stuff related to wind damage: American Lost Consultant (ALC). For sure you will need support in the area of plumbing, upholstery, restoration and insurance claim. For every particular service, we can get for you the perfect companion. Do not waste time in barren searches and hire us. We will find professionals well trained that in a matter of short time will alleviate your stress derived from wind damages and you will enjoy having a neat home.

As you might have seen, after strong winds events streets, landscapes, parks or residences are completely devastated. Devastation brings incalculable material losses to people and sometimes even human losses. In front of this picture, you might feel overwhelmed and confused. Assertive decisions are crucial after the immeasurable loss. In any circumstance, accurate advice from experts becomes a useful option for any person under wind damage pressure. ALC and its team will guard you in every moment, improving your life quality.

Why winds are so damaging?

During windy activities, one of the main dangers is the mobilization of material. This fact can cause more damages than winds themselves…Winds sometimes are faster than 50 mph; when they “catch” items like branches, trees, bushes, furniture, trash cans or any other object, those items blow in the air and hit everything on their way; windows at your home can be broken, cars are hit, or people can be injured badly. Your home roof can be destroyed by trees falling down, electrical ropes can be fallen. In short, winds produce really big damages.

There are different types of winds, but the type considered more dangerous is the called “straight-line”. Their speed ranges between 50 to 100 mph and they can cause damages for hundreds of miles. They are the result of outflow caused by strong thunderstorms downdraft. This huge speed developed by winds transforms debris, shards of glass, or tree branches in canyon balls that destroy everything in the surroundings. No matter the material houses are made of, strong winds cause damages; but for people who live in mobile homes that are obviously more susceptible to damages, winds may lead them to serous risks, or inclusive to death. At wind damage events, ALC will guide you to the best solution.


What to do during wind damage?

Some warnings are useful to follow during wind damages. Personal security is always important, and then to safeguard you and your family must concern you seriously. Some counsels ALC provides you in this situation are:

  • Prefer to stay at home rather than being outside. As soon as you know about winds or strong winds, stay at home you and your family. Secure doors and windows. Stay away from windows or any surface with lots of glass that might be damage or broken by blowing objects outside your home that can approach to your place.
  • Once you are sure wind movement has stopped, it is the time to start the inspection. We strongly recommend you to hire professionals to perform this activity. After wind comes along your house, many damages may come up. Structures probably became damaged and you might be exposed to hazardous environments. Rather than do inspection by yourself, ALC can provide you with specialized people that commit the task in a comprehensive manner.
  • One of the first steps we recommend is the inspection for roof damages. One of our partner specialized in restoration can make a deep roof inspection. It is necessary to look for mission shingles. Also the expert must move shingles to check if shingle seal has been broken. When shingles are not adjusted and glued, water may enter your home and start water damages. Corners of the roof are delicate since most wind damages might start on the edges.
  • Check out debris, pieces of glasses, branches or trees around your home. Winds carry to your home debris, garbage, broken furniture, trees and more. Those left overs maybe spread over your roof (the specialist can take charge of this) or around your yard or garden. Debris on your roof must be taken out soon because the waste can damage it.  
  • Broad Inspection of chimneys. If your home has chimneys, they are also exposed to wind damages. As well as roof shingles can be removed, bricks can be moved or loosen by winds. Be sure about a secure environment.

How can we conduct wind damage guiding?

As a professional company to support people during loss, ALC will accompany you during all the process. Starting with recommend you professionals for the supervision, we will after find for you restoration services, plumbing services and everything required according to your needs. ALC assistance includes:

  1. To find specialists that deal with roof damage supervision. All our specialists are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and they provide the best assistance in wind damage. They supervise, fit and advise in everything related to roofing.
  2. Advice you in hiring the professionals that collect debris and clean up your home. After winds go along your property, different types of debris will be covering roof, garden and backyard. Instead of exposing you or your family to injuries trying to collect debris, you can contact people who are well trained in manipulating, collecting and debris disposal.
  3. To get for you experienced professionals for restoration, mold remediation and any other required fixing. We can get for you professionals available 24 hours, 365 days a year. They will reach your location and will start working in short time. No matter the size of damages, the professionals will find the best way to solve the problem briefly and efficiently. Some of the wind damages are roof damages, walls, doors or windows broken. They required restoration work on them; sometimes electricity cables may fall down and we can also help you with certified electricians that solve that eventuality.

Due to wind damage, roof can be damaged and water may get into your home. Water and dampness origin mold growing. To find experts in mold remediation is also ALC concerns. We have a vast portfolio of companies along Florida State that manage mold growing. Mold remediation must be handled only by certified professionals and that is people who will support you. They will find mold, mitigate it, contain and remove as much as possible. We advise only the top of services.

  1. Put in touch with certified Public Adjusters. When you have wind damages at your home, you will need a big amount of money to solve everything. If you have an insurance policy, for sure you will start a claim to get repair your home. For this claim procedure, your best option is hiring a public adjuster that represents you during the claim with the insurance company. We can find excellent certified public adjusters that manage claims so you will get all the necessary for your budget.

No wonder about all the services we will get for your comfort in all your emergencies, especially with wind damage. ALC is here for your help.


ALC Tips to protect your Home from Wind Damage

Facing wind damages is a hard task for everyone. To take some precautions before winds come will protect you from bigger bad moments. Here we show you some tips:

  • If you live in a zone with risk of winds or meteorological service announces wind menace, get storm shutters to protect windows. There are different models depending on the type of winds in your area and they are made of different materials. When you decide to get some, ask us about them and we will put you in touch with specialists in that area.  
  • Protect your French doors and sliding glass doors with shutters; you can also try plywood covers to protect them. Also reinforce your garage door. If you think it is not strong enough, we can get you some help to secure them.
  • When you get a new place in a windy area, avoid those with multiple panel windows or double-entry doors. Glass natural enemy is wind.
  • Secure or tie objects in your garden, backyard or pool that can be blown by wind. They can become lethal weapons and break windows or glass doors.
  • If you have old or weak trees in your garden or backyard, cut them. In front of strong winds, they can fall over your house and damage it.

Remember to ask for our professional help in front of any emergency. We have a complete set of allied that will solve your problems at home. Call ALC.

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