Window and door screen repair

Window and door screens are one of the most important devices installed at home. Window and doors screens are the perfect low-cost way to keep your home fresh and free from insects. Furthermore, with window and door screens, you are able to protect your house from undesired elements and keep your visibility intact.

Nowadays, most window and door screens have their structure built in aluminum and fiberglass. These materials are not only affordable but also highly resistant. However, the mesh is still open to suffer damage from daily use, therefore, to ensure your window and door screens work as intended, you need them repaired as soon as they suffer any damage.

Window and door screens are made of different materials designed to fit the window frame and cover the gap created when the window is opened. The main advantage of covering the windows and doors of any home with a screen is keeping out insects, leaves, birds, and other elements that might get in the house. Window and door screens are common in many countries and have helped to reduce the number of victims of insect-borne diseases.

Insects not only cause annoyances to the residents of the house, but also carry diseases. Using insecticides and bug spray helps to get rid of them but using these chemicals constantly might have harmful effects on residents with allergies or pulmonary conditions. The best way to prevent insects and dangerous elements from entering your home is by having functioning window and doors screens.

However, window and door screens suffer damage over time that needs to be repaired. Repairing your screens may be hard and time consuming. Moreover, most repairs require specialized tools you may not have at home. To avoid the tiresome process of repairing your own windows and doors screens, you should contact American Loss Consultant for full professional assistance.


The most common materials used by experienced teams contacted by American Loss Consultant when installing or repairing windows and doors screens are aluminum and fiberglass.

Fiberglass window and door screens

They are flexible and easy to install while keeping a low cost. Screens made of this material do not crease, dent, or unravel. Nowadays, fiberglass is the most commonly used window and door screening material for new construction and replacements alike.

Aluminum wire window and door screens

They are strong and durable. They are mainly made to protect the house against bugs, and the material resists rust and does not sag over time because it is a metal. A protective finish is applied to prevent corrosion and to strengthen the weave in most cases.

Window and door screens of any material tend to be painted in dark colors like charcoal or deep gray to improve outward visibility. When the screen needs to be stronger like in the case of a door screen, nylon and polyester are also considered for their resistance.


Window screens can get punctures or holes in the mesh, which insects can take advantage of to get into the house. Yet, a broken mesh does not mean that the screen is now useless. As long as the frame remains in good shape, a window screen can be repaired by applying a new mesh. But the required is not exactly simple. If such a thing happens, you should contact a handyman and let the job in the hands of an expert.

Just like window screens, tears and holes are a big problem that homeowners have to face when it comes to screen doors. It is almost impossible to not get a punctured door screen over time. The damage might come from everyday use, scratches made by the little paws of the pets at home, outdoor elements like stones or birds hitting the screen, the little hands of toddlers putting their fingers through the holes of the mesh, there are way too many ways to receive damage in the screens protecting doors and windows.

If you need to repair your window or door screen, avoid doing it yourself since you might damage the structure of your device beyond repair. Call American Loss Consultant to contact an experienced crew to help you with problems such as:


When the screen has been battered one or more times, it will likely get all expanded out as a consequence. Continuous tension on the screen’s mesh will ultimately make it overstretch, which can destroy even the best quality screens. Of course, the greater the quality, the more pressure it would be able to face before giving in to stretching. However, stretching is a problem, particularly as the screen ages.


Tears can appear in almost any area of the screen, but commonly they happen in the center of the mesh or at the joint with the frame. Tears frequently occur when the screen is being tampered with, excessive handling weakens the mesh. Any cuts or tears in the mesh should be rectified right away, if not, any bug can enter the home making the screen pointless

Damaged Frames

The problem that stands out the most with window and door screens is when the frames get bent or broken.  Remember that safety should not be put over price, cheap low-quality frames can be extra weak to bending and damage, making them a waste of money in the long run. If your screen frames get damaged, it would be better to have them repaired by a professional.

Bad Fit

Sometimes the root of the problem lies in the installation of the screens. If the screens were not properly fitted by a professional, they are going last less than intended. If that’s the case, you’d be well advised to have an expert company just like American Loss Consultant by your side.

Holes in screens

Holes in the window and door screen might be caused by pets, kids, or even by the owners if they were careless while cleaning. These holes in the screens usually are too small to be safety concerns, as burglars cannot use them to access the house, yet, they can let insects in while the windows are open. Through these holes disease carrier insects can infect your family members, so consider changing them as quickly as possible.

Worn out screens

Just like with any other appliance or fixture inside your home, screens can start to show wear over the years. And not only time affects the screens, the weather also takes a toll as the harsh winter cold and intense summer rains hit the screens nonstop during these seasons. Any screen no matter the material will start to wear thin, develop holes, or sag. Worn out screens are different to other problems as they still do their job of keeping bugs and debris outside the house, but no homeowner wants the neglected appearance they give to their property.

As result, contacting a professional company like American Loss Consultant to send a learned team your way will give back the beauty of your windows and doors in no time. At American Loss Consultant, we want to help you repair your windows and doors screens while keeping the cost to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum.

For qualified assistance, call American Loss Consultant today.

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